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energy audit for fixed assets investment projects


what is energy audit?

energy audit is the process for assessingwhether energy use is scientifically reasonable, whether energy use iscorresponding with national energy plan and industrial policies. compilingrelevant files must seriously follow the energy regulations and standards.


why energy audit is necessary?

for the purpose of strengthening investmenton energy saving, promoting reasonable energy use, preventing energy waste fromthe beginning and increasing the efficiency of energy use, the governmentissued the ‘interim measures for energy audit and verification’ and regulated thatfixed assets investment projects must be classified for supervision.


  note: when compiling energy audit report or energy audittable, the construction organization needs to authorize capable agent tocompile. when recording energy use, the construction organization may solelycomplete the record document and submit it for filing.


our services

1.   build energy audit team;

2.  collect information and launchenergy audit;

3.  compile relevant files;

4.  revise files according toadvices

your gains

1. certified energy audit filesfor fixed assets investment projects;

2. passing the verification ofenergy audit;

3. finalized filing for auditreport


our advantages

1.  technical support provided bysenior specialists from various field;

2.   further services such aslow-carbon management, proposals of carbon reduction and carbon tradingservice;

3.   ability on carbon assetsexploitation and development.

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