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guangzhou greenstone carbon asset management co,. ltd (hereinafter referred to as greenstone) is the first carbon asset management company in guangzhou district, is a leading low-carbon consultation and carbon trading service organization in china. greenstone regards ‘coping with climate change, leading low-carbon development’ as her mission, and devotes herself to providing well-round low-carbon consultation services to government, enterprises, groups and individuals. greenstone concentrates on fostering teamwork ability and the introduction of outstanding talents. greenstone cultivated professional team with international vision, and absorbed aggressive and advanced technology and business pioneers. greenstone has been trying its best to create a suitable platform and environment for the adequate development of human capital. to strengthen foreign cooperation, greenstone and the most influent corporation in korean low-carbon field—eco-network established a comprehensive strategic partnership. eco-network is one of the powerful low-carbon consultation organizations in korea. it was initiated by the professors of seoul national university. by relying on the technological background and many-year practical work experience of business elite, it has achieved a lot of triumph on launching low-carbon projects. facing the broad market prospect of chinese low-carbon field, greenstone will provide professional lo-carbon cervices to domestic customers along with eco-network.

in 2011, greenstone was announced to be ‘low-carbon consulting public service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises’, and became the sole platform company in guangzhou. greenstone can help all enterprises to realize the goal of low-carbon development. our scope includes: the consultation services of enterprise carbon emissions report (iso14064), product carbon footprint (pas2050), energy management system (gb/t23331) and the formulation of emission solutions, the exploitation of clean development mechanism (cdm) and china verified emission reduction (ver), and enterprise training and so on. it is aiming at assisting enterprises to strengthen carbon management ability, grasp opportunities, and proactively participate in carbon trading market.

greenstone has established many partnerships with companies and third party certification bodies at home and abroad, and owned abundant resources of foreign buyers and technology. now greenstone is the executive president of guangdong private enterprise cooperation exchange association and joins in guangzhou low-carbon economic promotion association, energy conservation association of guangdong province and guangdong international economic association. it is our pleasure to move forward with you in the way of dealing with climate change and leading low-carbon development!

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