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corporatecarbon emission information report


what is corporate carbon emissioninformation report

it is a report to calculate the total amountof direct or indirect greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions in production process ofcorporations or organizations. and it can be as the decision-making basis foradapting government regulations, ghg emission management, addressing climatechange risks and opportunities. 


 why develop carbon emission informationreport

1.     meetingthe national and regional regulations and completing information report

2.     helpingcorporations monitor and control greenhouse gas emissions

3.     identifyingenergy saving potentials, implementing carbon reduction plans and completing theannual appointment

5.     implementingcorporate social responsibility


our services

1.  preparingthe monitoring plans

2.  settingthe organizational and operational boundaries

3.  datacollecting and ghg emissions calculating

4.  optimizingcarbon emission data

5.  dataanalyzing and writing ghg emissions reports

6.  assistingthird parties in check and verification 


your benefits

1.    providingaccurate ghg emission inventory which is an important basis for corporatestrategy development

2.    showingenergy saving and emission reduction opportunities to reduce operational costs

3.    improvingproduct competitiveness, and promoting corporate credibility

4.     promotingcorporate carbon management capability

5.     enhancingthe capability to addressing climate change risks

6.     improvingthe ability to adapting national and regional statutes in carbon emissionrestriction

7.     increasingthe competence to adapt low-carbon requirements of suppliers and retailers




why choose greenstone

providingenterprises withcarbon emission information report services

2.     buildingmonitoring and reporting systems with professional experience

3.     individualizationservices for clients

4.     establishedfavorable cooperation relationships with third parties


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