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carbon management system

whatis cms

cmsis designed to set up a complete, effective and documented management systemwithin an organization. using the energy management system for reference, it isdesigned according to the special requirements and features of carbonmanagement area, which followed the principle of system management through theimplementation of pdca cycle.

whydevelop cms

1. enterprises urgently need to conduct carbon management underthe rapid development of china’s carbon market and strict carbon constraints onindustries.

2.cms helps enterprises accomplish the annual carbon appointment better, gainprofit and achieve a long-term development.

3. enlarge enterprises’ room to cut down carbon emissions. relyingon energy saving technologies only cannot solve the problems thoroughly. thekey to reducing carbon emissions for enterprises is to apply system management approaches.

whychoose greenstone

1. professional research and development team special for cms

2. one of the earliest consulting firms providing enterpriseswith cms services in china

3. professional consulting team, rich experience and successfulcases

4. customized a professional cms for each customer based ondifferent needs and requirements

5. established cooperative relations with foreign consultants,mastered the advanced carbon management approaches


1 assisting decision-making, defining the scope

2 evaluating carbon emissions and analyzing carbon reductionpotential

3 building the carbon management team and providing training

4 completing system planning

5 compiling system documents  

6 assisting in the operation of cms  

7 internal audit and management review


1 accomplishing the annual carbon emissions implementation, meetingthe requirements of policies and regulations about carbon emissions and energyconservation

2 an integrated management system, which combines the cms and othermanagement systems

3 reducing carbon emissions andcosts maximally, saving energy, and promoting low-carbon competitiveness

4 improving organizational performance and productivity largely,getting value-added profits


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