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carbon footprint 


whatis carbon footprint

 carbon footprint is historically defined asthe total sets of greenhouse gas emissions (ghgs) caused by a particularactivity or product in a life cycle.

product carbon footprint includes the ghgemissions from materials collection, production, transportation, utilizationand disposition. it can be measured at either company level or product level. 


why calculate carbon footprint

1.    differentiatingyour products from others and catch customers’ concern.

2.    improvingthe corporate brand impression and reputation

3.    adaptingthe strict request of the international standards

4.    satisfyingthe need of clients in carbon disclosure and low carbon producing.


our services

1.    processa map of product life cycle

2.    identifyboundaries and prioritization

3.    collectthe information of materials consumption, activity data and emission factors

4.    calculatecarbon footprint

5.    evaluatethe accuracy of carbon footprint

6.    helpenterprise choose the third party and assist the third party to complete theverification process for enterprise



1.    accurateproduct carbon emission information in life cycle, important references ofchoosing suppliers and retailers in the marketing chains

2.    identifyenergy saving and emission reduction opportunities, reducing operating costs

3.    improveproduct’s competitiveness, enhancing the corporate image

4.    enhancethe capability for addressing climate change risks

5.    developthe capability of responding national or regional statutory in carbon emission requires

6.    increasethe capability of adapting low-carbon requirements of suppliers and retailers

why choose greenstone

1.    oneof the earliest consulting companies specialized in carbon footprint andlabeling of products and services

2.    technologicalexperts with extensive experience in calculating carbon footprint overseas

3.    establishedfavorable cooperation with experienced consulting companies in south korea

4.    establishedexcellent strategic cooperative partnership with the third parties





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