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carbon reduction solution 

what is 

corporate carbon reduction solutionis a tailored ghg emission reduction solution according to corporation’sspecific operation situation. base on the carbon emission accounting, thesolution aims to assist corporation in reducing ghg emission from technical andmanagement level through a series of approaches like introducing low-carbontechnologies, improving energy efficiency, and building corporation carbonmanagement system. 


whydevelop corporate carbon reduction solution

1.  assistingcorporations in monitoring, forecasting and managing ghg emissions

2.  identifyingenergy saving potential, decreasing energy consumption, saving operation cost,and improving efficiency

3.  improvingtechnical renovation and industrial upgrade

4.  activelyadapting to national policy, performing social responsibility and enhancing corporatesocial image

5.  promotingcorporate and regional sustainable development 



1)  compilingcorporate ghg emission inventory based on iso14064 and achieving third-party assessment

2)  buildingand optimizing corporate carbon management system, enhancing carbon managementability

3)  analyzingemission reduction potential and cost

4)  developinga cost-effective carbon emission reduction solution with minimum investment andfast payback

5)  assistingcorporation in implementing carbon emission reduction measures, assessing the effectsof carbon emission reduction.

6)  providinglong-term consulting services on low-carbon development 



1)  accurateand completed corporate ghg inventory and iso14064 system certification

2)  atailored ghg emission reduction total solution based on the corporate ghginventory

3)  clearcarbon emission reduction goals and opportunities which support corporationdecreasing the operational cost

4)  enhancingcarbon management capability and addressing climate change risks

5)  improvingthe capability of adapting to national and regional policies and regulations

6)  identifyingopportunities on international and domestic carbon trading

7)  gaininglong-term consulting services on corporate low-carbon development


whychoose greenstone

1. oneof the earliest consulting corporations specialized in developing carbonemission reduction solutions

2. professionalswith extensive experiences in carbon emission reduction solutions

3. powerfullow-carbon technology database and close relationship with technology providers

4. completetheories on carbon management system and rich experiences in reducing corporatecarbon emission

5.  favorablecooperate relationships with consulting firms and third parties



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