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carbon evaluation of new/extension project


what is carbon evaluation?

carbon evaluation is the process ofevaluating the increasing or reducing amount of greenhouse gas emission which stemsfrom new or extension project.



why carbon evaluation is necessary?

when allocating carbon emission allowanceto each city, the guangdong province government has to consider sound economicgrowth and the landing demand of major project in order to confirm the grossand increment of annual carbon emission in each city. to strictly control theincrement of carbon emission, the charge on carbon emission of fixed assetinvestment (new/extension project) is imperative. some part of incrementresulted from appointed new/extension project must be put into carbon trading. assuch, setting up the carbon evaluation system for fixed asset investmentproject and adding evaluation content into the project carbon-saving evaluationare necessary.


our services

1.   conduct carbon emissionevaluation on the project level according to the feasibility study report

2.   compile evaluation document

3.   help to pass the competentdepartment audit, complete the record

4.   form the best combinationscheme of carbon trading or carbon emission reduction for new or extensionproject


your gains

1.  accurate, dependable andaudited carbon evaluation report

2.  complete the carbon emissionrecord of new or extension project, acquire the proper emission allowance

3.  the most economical andeffective trading or emission reduction scheme

4.  get the sustainable carbonasset management mode


our advantages

1.   years of rich experience onparticipating in international carbon trading market

2.    abundant experience ondeveloping carbon emission reduction projects

3.    establishing strategicpartnership with many auditing institutions and trading platforms

4.    plenty of training experience,help to improve enterprise capability on dealing with carbon trading business


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