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clean development mechanism (cdm)


 what is cdm

the clean development mechanism (cdm) is anarrangement that allows industrialized countries with a greenhouse gas reduction commitment under the kyoto protocol (called annex 1 countries) to invest in projects that reduce emissions in developing countries and get the certified emission reductioncersas an alternative to more expensive emission reductions in their own countries.


 why develop cdm project

1. obtaining financial income from cers

2. dispersing financing risks, and increasing the financial attraction

3. as mortgage assets

4. cutting down operation and maintenance cost

5. improving technical renovation and industrial upgrade

6. promoting enterprise development and regional economic development


our services

1.  cdm projects identification and evaluation

2.   compiling project idea note (pin) and searching buyers

3.    compiling project design document (pdd) and monitoring report (mr)

4.   assisting doe in projects validation, verification and certification

5.   improving the registration process of cdm projects in executive board (eb)

6.   promoting cers issued and completing transactions


your benefits

1. decreasing barriers and risks for investment and financing

2.  zero financial investment during project development period

3.   annual financial repayment after project successfully registered and issued

 why choose greenstone

1.  professional team with extensive experience on technology and project development

2.  customer demand oriented

3.  established favorable cooperation relationship with designated operational entities (doe, called the third party)

4.   built strong relationships with international cdm consulting corporations, which offered overall technical support

5.   searched buyers with high returns and low risks for clients

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